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EcoFactor announces that its thermostats can make a home’s heating and cooling systems 20 percent to 30 percent more efficient by using data from “individual homes, local weather stations and numerous other geographic inputs.”

The Enphase Energy's Environ Smart Thermostat allows you to check the performance of your home’s solar panels.

The Energy Performance Score will help homeowners and home buyers better understand a home’s energy use and carbon emissions.  This is calculated by entering data into an online software based on in-home measurements, diagnostics data, and the utility’s energy source.  This tool helps motivate homeowners be more energy efficient. 


Need power on the go? The Infinit Solar Charging Bag is a lightweight solar charger designed to provide power to portable gadgets including Mobile Phones, iPods, MP3 players, GPS devices and hand-held gaming consoles. 

It’s not Soylent Green or The Matrix.  Tremont Electric’s nPower PEG can transform human kinetic energy from everyday activities into power for your mobile devices.

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