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The Empire State Building is in the top tenth percentile across the nation for its energy performance. ENERGY STAR is a governmental recognition program that helps evaluate a building’s energy program, including the Empire State Building.  This program helps reduce energy usage and minimize their carbon footprint. 

EcoFactor announces that its thermostats can make a home’s heating and cooling systems 20 percent to 30 percent more efficient by using data from “individual homes, local weather stations and numerous other geographic inputs.”

The Enphase Energy's Environ Smart Thermostat allows you to check the performance of your home’s solar panels.

SB 535, a bill passed by the California State Assembly this summer, extends the expiration date of yellow Clean Air Vehicle Stickers on hybrids until July 1, 2011 and white stickers until 2015.

The launch of the new zero emissions fuel cell hybrid taxi was unveiled at London’s City Hall.  The goal is to make all taxis hybrid by the year 2020.

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