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A Taiwanese shipping company, TMT, is sending its A Whale tanker to the Gulf to skim oil off the surface of the water.  The tanker will be tested on Saturday, July 3rd.

Calling all innovators:  87% of the world now has access to drinkable water.  Yet, 39% live without improved sanitation facilities.

With the help of IBM’s innovative water management systems Northern California’s wine country is getting smarter about water. 

Kevin Costner and his team from Costner Industries and Ocean Therapy Solutions are headed to the Gulf to test their V20 Centrifugal Separator to clean the oil filled water.

Federal-Mogul says it has developed an innovative new crankshaft seal design, called MicroTorq that reduces friction by up to 70 percent versus conventional lip-type seals.  They claim that this will result in an improvement in vehicle fuel economy of up to 0.49 percent and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1-2 g/km compared to traditional seal designs.

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