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As part of Yale's continuing commitment to creating a sustainable campus, the Yale Office of Sustainability has developed a set of Green Certification programs for workplaces, labs, and events. The green certification program is designed to educate faculty and staff about sustainable practices they can implement to reduce Yale's impact on the environment. GreenTech TV spoke with Melissa Goodall, Assistant Director of Yale’s Office of Sustainability, to learn more about the programs and talk about the environmental leadership role that Yale is playing among universities around the world.

Walmart has offered to conduct “energy audits” of supplier facilities.  Using learnings gained from its own efforts to improve building efficient, Walmart helps suppliers identify projects that can help save energy and money.

The Portland Trail Blazers see that being leaders off the court for green objectives also makes sense for their on the court goals.  Part 2 of this series takes us behind the scenes with this NBA team to discover their green build and operations successes.

The Portland Trail Blazers are green leaders in the sports industry.  Sports teams have a unique opportunity to influence, partner with and educate the community to be greener.  The Trail Blazers recognize this and are making beginning to make a huge difference.  Learn about the sports perspective in this “trail blazing” article.

Today’s data centers are the epicenter of the enterprise and the demand for more and more powerful IT equipment just keeps rising, as well as driving increased demand on the world’s power grids.  NetApp talks about what they’re doing to reduce their own data centers’ carbon footprints by 80 percent and how they’re helping customers do the same. 

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